First, I am mother to Hudson, an autistic toddler who got officially diagnosed in summer of 2013 after other conclusive, but not "official" evaluations.  Reading the blog posts prior to that date shows so many indicators of what was going on, but I was very slow to put pieces together.  Now this blog focuses on how we balance this amazing and frustrating kid with the arts that feed us, but with autism at the core of the blog.  Also, I am:

Seattle native (but with over a decade of departure total).  Flamenco dancer, violinist, writer, teacher, runner.  Since starting to dance at age 19, I´ve performed flamenco professionally on both coasts and hope to do even more, I have played violin since I was nine.  I have been an avid journaler and lover of poetry since about the same time.  From my first pair of Asics in fifth grade, to completing two half marathons in 2013, I don´t think I´ll ever stop running.  My husband is a flamenco guitarist, a yoga fanatic, and an amazing stay-at-home dad who is dedicated to educating himself and others about raising an autistic child. 

Professionally I am a Spanish teacher to middle school and high school students at an independent school, and I am raising my son with Spanish, in hopes that he will be fully bilingual at some point.  We use OPOL (One Parent One Language) in our family and it definitely feels like a living breathing science experiment, especially when you add autism.

Adding parenthood to an already full life is a beautiful lesson in how endless one's heart and soul can be.  And such is the nature and content of this blog.
Emma la Margarita